What we do.
While we’re providing a list of our services here, overall we think more holistically, with a focus on the big picture and how your business fits in it. Don’t worry, we won’t recommend a lot of high-end expensive solutions – unless that’s what you need to move your business forward. If you want to sell more widgets, that’s great. But if you want to sell more widgets so you can hurry up and retire to Hawaii, that’s good to know. It tells us a lot about you, your business and what’s motivating you.

Step 1: Business Check-up
Take inventory and establish short- and long-term goals.

Step 2: Raising Your Profile
The beginning of an awareness campaign.

Step 3: Marketing Your Products and Services
Time to differentiate – and to shine.

Step 4: What Have We Learned?
Compile results and create communications machine that works for you.

Public Relations
• Increasing awareness
• Media outreach
• Crafting consistent messages for all media
• News releases
• Pitching stories
• Targeting editorial opportunities
• Earning spots on media call lists
• Media training
• Booking speaking engagements
• Community involvement review
• Blogs, RSS feeds and Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up

• Direct marketing
• Advertising
• Creative (design and copy)
• Market research
• Segmented communications plan by audience
• Loyalty plans
• Writing/editing newsletters

Business Check-Up
• Business review
• Competitive analysis
• Management interviews
• Employee interviews
• Review or creation of mission statement
• Creation of consistent messages
• Training of management and staff

Let’s talk.

After we learn what makes you tick, we can figure out a plan that clicks.